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Need to find other FF folks with PCOS

Hi all,

I have PCOS, and my doc (along with the support group) is pushing
hard for me to drop the high-carb, low fat diet and go with a
low-carb high-protein diet-- which means I'd have to incorporate
m**t back into my diet, or eat almost nothing but egg whites and ff
cheese. Definitely not healthy. I am extemely skeptical, to say the
least, but I am looking for other PCO-ers who have been successful
going fatfree. Even some documentation or studies or anything about
this condition and a successful high carb diet would be useful.

Please email me *privately* at sconyers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, as I do
not want to clutter up the list with this, but I could really
use a little ammo for all these folks, and I'm getting *no* support
at all.

T Sconyers