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Bloomin onion

Hi everyone...
	I have been an observer of the bloomin onion hunt for awhile now and was
anxiously awaiting the posting of a ff recipe for it. However, when I saw
the post of the recipe, I knew that it wouldn't taste much like the bloomin
onion. I used to work for Outback Steakhouse, and I've seen them make
countless onions. They never said exactly what was in the mix, but I know
that a) there was some kind of powdered milk product in there. 2) they
didn't use breadcrumbs, rather, it was flour. 3) they didn't use any egg on
it; they covered the onion in the powder mix and then just dunked it into
the fryer. The mix was an orange-colored flourey-powder. The powder was
fine enough that it would stick to the onion w/o the use of egg or anything
like that. I have no idea what the proportions were, mostly due to the fact
that the restraunt made huge batches of the stuff. I'll see if I can hunt
down anyone who would know...but I can't promise anything. now, my
intention here was not to say that the post of the bloomin recipe was bad
or anything, just that the fatty version is prepared in a significantly
different way, a way that would taste much differently than the ff version
that was posted. I mean no disrespect to the poster of the recipe.
Just my 10 cents...(inflation...)