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Onion Soup Mix

Since Lipton onion soup mix is not veg, I have found something that
works for me.  I buy "Flavor Gem brand onion soup base and chip dip"
which comes in a plastic jar.  Ingredients are:  salt, onion, potato
starch, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vegetable shortening (partially
hydrogenated cottonseed oil)***, tomatoes, paprika, mushrooms, garlic,
spices, caramel color.  

***I know it lists shortening, but it must be in minute quantities,
since a serving size is 1 tsp and total fat is listed as 0.  It also
contains MSG, for those who wish to avoid it.  Me, I use it a tsp at a
time in recipes, so it's spread out in a serving, so I don't worry about
it much.  

I don't have any financial interest in the company, just wanted to point
out that there are veggie options, so y'all can still have your swedish
"meat"balls if you want them.  :-)

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