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Jacket Potato Recipe (Re: celiac sprue)

Sandra Mort <mort@xxxxxxx> wrote:

: Hi!  A friend of mine is attempting to lower the fat in her diet, 
: but is running into trouble because she has celiac sprue.  This 
: disorder makes her unable to eat any grain with even a tiny amount of
: gluten in it, plus she needs to keep her overall fiber intake fairly
: low. 
: What recipes would you suggest for her? 

And Sally Davis <davisdj@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Your friend is going to have to major on dishes containing potatoes
> as a starch, or gluten-free pasta.

If someone who knows about this disorder could suggest some foods
which are low-gluten, I'm sure people here will be able to come up
with suitable recipes.

Since Sally mentioned potatoes, here is a topping for baked potatoes
that was posted on this list a while ago, and is really delicious. I
hope the other foods used in it are suitable for a low-gluten diet.
The recipe is a minor adaptation (mainly in the instructions) of a
recipe from the McDougall Program for Maximum Weightloss, posted here
by Kathleen.

Please let us know which other foods are suitable, so we can all start
searching our recipe archives!


* Dijon Mushroom Potatoes *

Tops 4 medium jacket potatoes

1 medium onion
1 sweet green bell pepper
1 small carrot, about 50g (2oz)
225g (8oz) mushrooms
100ml (4 fl oz, 1/2 cup) water or vegetable stock (can use a cube)
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp cornflour (cornstarch)
freshly-ground black pepper

1. Chop the onion, deseed and chop the green pepper, peel and grate
the carrot and slice the mushrooms, halving them across the other way
first if they are large.

2. Saute the vegetables in the water or stock, in a large frying pan
(skillet), until most of the liquid is gone and the vegetables are

3. Mix the remaining ingredients together in a bowl, adding a bit more
water if you wish (makes a thinner sauce) and add to the vegetables in
the pan. Mix well and cook, stirring, over low heat for about a minute
until thickened.

4. Serve poured over hot, split baked potatoes with a crisp green

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