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Yoghurt recipes and popcorn

Hi all,
I love the sound of the yoghurt choccy cake posted the other day, and will
try it out over the weekend!
I have been making some really yummy corn muffins from a recipe on the FF
website, they have yoghurt and honey and corn (it says corn kernels, I put
in a small can of creamed corn and a can of kernels) and cornmeal and other
stuff.  Pretty corny, and really delicious!!  If you can't find it, email
me and I'll send it.

And another question, I know people have asked this before, but here goes
again - how do you make the spices stick to your popcorn - I invested in a
hot air popcorn maker which is great, but anything I put on it just falls
to the bottom of the dish.  I tried spraying it with water but it just went
soggy - any ideas would be welcome.



Annabel Gregory     
(Quilter and Occupational Therapist)   ^^
Perth, Western Australia               >< (
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