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joining Bread Bakers mailing list

Bonnie sorry you are having difficulties joining my bread bakers mailing
list.  I now have 2 bread making lists.  Both are digests.  Bread bakers is
a weekly digest and Daily Bread is a daily digest...it is new and the
volume is still low...but the people are very friendly.

Here are the directions to join either or both of my lists:

To subscribe to bread-bakers, send mail to 
To subscribe to daily-bread, send mail to 
In the body of the message, place (lower case, no indentation):


This will subscribe you at the address that your message is sent from.
This is almost certainly your correct address.  Bestserv will send you a
message asking you to confirm your subscription request.  You must reply
to the message changing the word REJECT in the subject to ACCEPT.  
You will get a confirmation when your subscription has been accepted.  
If you have problems subscribing, please write to us at 
<bread-bakers-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> and we will assist you.  

Reggie Dwork                        | Om Mani Padme Hung
reggie@xxxxxxxxxx                   |
Owner bread-bakers, eat-lf, daily-bread and otbf mailing lists