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Roxanne Lee Schiloski wrote:

> Hi
>  I've just decided to change my eating habits and have chosen a fatfree diet.
> I love to experiment, but although my heart is in the right place my choice
> of mixed ingrediants aren't.  I'm looking for a great new beginners cookbook
> that will have old stand by recipes along with a few venturous ones.
> Unfortunately the area that I live in is limited to vegtable selections, so
> I miss out on alot of what all of you are talking about.  Looking forward to
> hearing from someone.


   Our favorite cookbooks are 'Butter Busters' and
 'Life Tastes Better Than Steak'.  'Butter Busters'
 is not vegetarian, but many of the recipes are, and
 most others can be easily converted by simply leaving
 out the meat or substituting TVP, tofu, etc.

 The 'Life ...' cookbook follows the Dean Ornish plan
 (same rules as this list).  It is really a compilation
 of recipes from the Downriver Reversal Team in Trenton,
 Michigan.  All recipes were contributed by the staff
 and patients; they are easy to make and don't use
 ingredients that you can't find or never heard of.

 And of course, don't forget to use the recipe archive
 at http://www.fatfree.com - 2000+ recipes there.

 Best of luck,

Experience is a good teacher, but her rates are high...