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I have the same trouble and would love it if someone experienced could give an answer.

Catherine in Mich

> I have been trying to use dried beans for cooking, instead of canned, but I
> think I'm doing something wrong.  I'm also trying to sprout them a little
> because I read somewhere that that made them easier to digest.  When I've
> soaked, sprouted, and cooked red beans they've come out fine.  However,
> whenever I've tried to use yellow beans (garbanzo and soy) they develop an
> terrible odor that doesn't go away when i cook them.  The technique I am
> currently using:
> put beans in mason jar with cheese cloth as a lid
> soak beans overnight
> rinse and drain every 8 hours or so for a few days.
> Am I doing something wrong and making the beans go bad?