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Fw: New Member with Questions

Hi All,

I've been reading for a couple of weeks and enjoy the list very much.   I'm
newly vegetarian and while mostly it's going quite well, I'm finding
wonderful new products and recipes, but continue to have one question that I
can only find references to and no source of supply.

I'm fascinated about the possibilities of *seitan* and some of the recipes
in the index sound delicious, but can't find the prepared product and am
somewhat imtimidated about making it from scratch until I've tried it and
have some sense of what it sould be like texturewise.

I live in the *boonies* in the most northwestern corner of the continental
US and so Saturday I ventured into Seattle for a few products that I can't
get here and found most of what I needed, including the Umiboshi Vinegar,
but no luck with seitan at one of the largest Asian markets in the Seattle
area.  Incidentally, I used the umiboshi vinegar on a blood orange and fresh
water chestnut salad and it was exquisite, enough salt with the sweet fruits
to create a wonderful contrast.   Thanks to the person who recommended it.

Can anyone suggest where I might find this product and enough information
about possible brandnames that I can question my local health food stores
about ordering for me.


Marilyn Bruning