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Pressure cookers

Beans in 20 minutes?  If you like 'em crunchy <G>.

Most beans require from 45 minutes to an hour.  I suggest that you stop
cooking about half way through to stir the beans, then build pressure back
up and continue.

Another way to accomplish the "stirring" is to VERY CAREFULLY lift the
cooker and swish the beans around inside without reducing pressure, but if
you're a novice, wait 'till you have some more experieince.

Add NO salt to the beans until they're finished cooking.  I usually cook
pinto, kidney, and other small beans for about 45 minutes, then reduce
pressure and continue cooking for another 15 minutes or so uncovered.  I
like to mash some of the beans against the side of the pot to build some
body into the bean juices.

The true glory of pressure cookers, of course, is that they can quickly cook
almost anything in a very short time.  If you like veggies crisp, but
cooked, try bringing the cooker up to pressure and immediately remove from
heat and allow the pressure to reduce naturally.

A hang over from my childhood is really mushy cauliflower and Brussel
sprouts.  It takes just five to ten minutes.  I add sliced carrots and
daikon radish and serve over millet or rice with some umboshi vinegar.

Kombu (a form of kelp) is also wonderful in the above recipe. It really
brings out the flavors and after you get used to the idea of eating sea
veggies, the taste is great, too!  For those "nutritionists" who insist that
vegetarians cannot get vitamin B12 from vegetable sources, sea vegetables
supply more than enough.

Hope y'all "Down Under" have a nice bright green holiday season!

Bev Kurtin