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Nori snacks and discounted Vita-Mix

Hi, all,

We are having the springtimiest weather here in NJ - it's supposed to be in
the 40's in December and it's almost 70 right now!  Maybe the mosquitoes will
all be born and then freeze when winter finally hits.

Two things worth posting today - one is something my son actually got me into.
He has a Chinese friend who has nori snacks in his lunchbox and when my son
saw the package in the Asian food store, he begged me to get it.  They are
just small sheets of dried seaweed flavored with sugar, soy sauce, mirin,
chili pepper and (ugh) MSG.  The jar's nutritional info is per 8 piece serving
(10 servings per jar) - 5 calories, 60mg sodium, 0 fat!

The second is a great site for a discounted Vita-Mix, which I finally broke
down and bought (Merry Christmas, kids!).  Somehow when it's sent to this
Canadian site from midwestern US the price numbers stay the same but when
resold to US customers, we get it at a 34% discount because of the exchange
rate of Canadian to US dollars!  Still expensive but it cost me about $400 for
the Super 5000 (the one with two containers) including the customs bill sent
afterwards.  Here's the URL:


I have to tell you, I'm a little intimidated by the thing, but I can't resist
it when my vegetable-hating son (obviously not the nori eater) says, "Hey,
Mom, can you make that soup again?"  So far I've only made the vegetable soup
and orange ice but with some encouragement, I'm sure I'll get better.  Thanks
for all the advice every day, folks!