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Help staying on track for the Holidays

Hi Everyone-

  I have a cookbook recommendation that is so good, you won't want to
eat any of the holiday junk!  My all time favorite restaurant is
Millenium in San Francisco.  It's a vegan restaurant, wonderful
fine-dining experience.  They use little to no-oil, and they base the
concept for the way they cook off of John McDougall.

  Anyway, the Millenium Cookbook is now available in stores and is
fabulous!  I was reading through it last night, and they have many of
the wonderful dishes that I have enjoyed there, plus many other
fantastic sounding ones.  I simply can't rave enough about it.  It's
going to be pretty much the only cookbook I use for quite a while,
because there are so many things to try in it.

  We are also going to Millenium for New Year's Eve...can't wait!  

Happy cooking!