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Vegan macaroni and "cheese" in a box

I was making this for my kids last night and realized that this list might
be interested in the product.  It's an easy and healthy version of that
boxed mac and cheese mix that can be just the thing when you need some 50's
style comfort food.  It uses nutritional yeast for the "cheesiness."  I get
it from my local HFS, and don't know how widely available it is.  I usually
add a little onion powder and dry mustard to the sauce to give it more zing.
For my kids I also add a spoonful of mayo which is an optional suggestion on
the box, and you could probably substitute ff mayo or sour cream.  Per
serving it has 240 calories, with 15 calories from fat (I assume without the
added mayo).  Here's the info:

Dairy-Free Macaroni and chReese
Manufactured by Road's End Organics
PO Box 104, Underhill Center, VT  05490
Toll free #:  1-877-CHREESE

Jan in MD where it seems that spring has arrived already