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FYI source for discounted Ornish Everyday Cooking

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this site or the company.

Hi, while I was surfing, I came across a cookbook website I'd never
seen.  On their list of closeout specials is Everyday Cooking by Dean
Ornish for $9.95. I already have the book but thought I'd let others
know. Website is www.jessicas.com , the Jessica's Biscuit
company. They can also be reached at 800-878-4264 or 617-965-0530 I
have no prior experience ordering from them but I just called up with
a question about an out-of-print book I'm interested in and the person
I spoke with seemed very knowledgeable. Turned out he was the owner
and was manning the phones because it was really busy there!!!!

The closeout list had some seriously deep discounts. Don't know about
shipping fees or tax though.