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Cricicism of Dr. McDougal

Actually we met Dr. McDougal at a Save the Earth Food fair here in
Seattle. My wife felt  that his diet, while certainly better for one's
health was socially isolating. She told him so, so he got a "bit
defensive." I don't blame him. But the fact is...that our diet on this
web page, even though it is the "only way to go" and I would never
change...is socially isolating.

Apparently some here have criticized Dr. McDougal for "selling" or
attempting to sell at his seminars. Folks, this is America. Selling is
as American as fatfree apple pie. I would never criticize him or anyone
else for selling. He and his wife are in business to make money from
prosyltizing their dietary position, and of course his books. I think
that is wonderful, and I am not put off by their business efforts at
all. I always enjoy success, even when other people get it, and am
delighted when I see it.

I also hope that Michelle gets some success (and money) through her web
site. I'm sure that she works hard on it and spends many hours. I'm not
certain how she would go about it, but if she decided to start accepting
some advertising, I would NOT criticize her at ALL for doing it. I'd
say: "More power to you." Folks, what do you think? But if I were her, I
would probably not accept advertising from Swift, McDonalds or Armour.

Mike Rosenblatt