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Mince is not what you think, either....

Hi, Maralyn & all,

I tried to send this directly to the address in the list but it bounced back.

I got my first laugh yesterday when you asked if you dared post another
recipe.  I got the second when you posted this  - << Mince is what you call
Ground Meat in the States(I think!!!!) >>

Here's the way it's put in an American dictionary, "mince [from the Latin
minutus, meaning small]:  to cut up into small bits...."  The next word is
"mincemeat:  a mixture of chopped apples, raisins, suet, spices, etc. and
sometimes meat, used as a filling for pie."  Doesn't THAT sound appetizing???
Bleah!!  Maybe you didn't want to know, but now you do.  Keep smiling  :)