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frozen tofu

A moment of peace and quiet to share some "info":

I have frozen both "silken" tofu (in the aestheptic (sp) package) and
"chinese" tofu (packed in water).

After thawing, squeeze out excess water.  This allows the tofu to soak up
marinade LIKE A SPONGE .  For the silken, I pull it apart so it looks like
shredded chicken; for the other, I slice for 8 slices which just fit into my
no-stick pan.  

Mostly, though, I use silken (unfrozen) for "tofu cream" - the recipe was
previously submitted.  For example, I had peach slices (~3 cups)  in the
freezer from last year, so I cooked them in a little sugar (~3 TBS) and
tapioca (~ 2 tsp) and served with a HUGE (1/2 cup) dollop of tofu creme
sprinkled with nutmeg - the bowls were scraped clean - by all age groups.  

(I always use the "lite" tofu, and it is generally the only "fat" on the menu,
and I am responsible for "growing" two sweet children, so I like to serve a
good easy complete protein a few times a week.)