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Re: powdered stevia

Here is Nikki's reply to my question:

>> Hi Nikki,
>> We both posted on the fatfree list yesterday concerning Stevia.  You
>> mentioned making the powdered form into liquid.  Could you tell me how you
>> do this?  I added it to my hot drink and it just floated on top like algae
>> (blech!!)
>> It would be wonderful if you could tell me your secret to getting it to
>> dissolve.
>**OKAY!  I bought this canister of powder and instructions from a health food
>store long ago.  It must have been put together by them as there is no bran
>name or contact (or anything).....It says TO MAKE A WORKING SOLUTION:
>of 1 oz of stevia - dissolve 1 tsp of stevia into 3 T. of distilled water. and
>then plac ein squeeze bottle (which came in the 'kit')....I would do this in a
>small tupperware container and shake it and then put it in the bottle....It
>wasn't as sweet as the bottled version adn tended to mold after a few weeks
>9whereas the liquid, which I assume has preservatives, did not)...The liquid
>is easier, but you can play around with the powder....Shake it alot is my best
>**Also, it wasn't as sweet and did have some bitterness, whcih I tend to think
>does in all stevia forms, to varying degrees.  YOu may have to play with this
>a bit....Also, hot water may work better.  I do  this so rarely and my powder
>is so old (cause it takes so much time) that I don't remember if I used warm
>or hot...It also says in the directions that some of the powder will stick to
>a spoon if you stir it, but it WILl dissolve.  Just wait.
>Good luck and let me know how it goes...BTW, that booklet that someone
>mentioned on the list looks good (for recipes)....Keep the liquid form that
>you make inthe fridge, but it will tend to mold up after time passes whether
>in the fridge or not.