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Re: Cookbook recommendations

Julie Finnigan wrote:

>A friend asked me for a recommendation for a good, simple, vegetarian

I really like the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook.  It's got a good
selection of recipes, many of which would not be too intimidating to
someone who isn't that familiar with veg*n food.  The Moosewood cookbooks
are also great.  They are not strictly veg*n (some recipes include fish),
but the vast majority of the recipes are veg*n.

I agree with Tuffy's opinion about Diane Shaw's The Essential Vegetarian
Cookbook.  I recently purchased it and I really like it.  However, I was
not impressed with Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  I
found very few recipes that appealed to me.  Of course, YMMV--obviously
Tuffy's did :-)