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Fw: banana bread

> From: anni o'shea <oshea@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ???- I have made the recent banana bread recipe twice and each time it
> comes out pretty gloppy with big holes in it. What could I be doing
> Do i need more flour. maybe my bananas are bigger than usual? everyone
> seems to love it so much but i can't get it to come out well.
> Tahnks
> Anni

And I thought I was the only one who didn't like it. Well, the FF version
of banana bread is just different, I guess. I baked the BBB with 6 (lovely)
over ripe bananas, and I'd sprinkled sesame seeds on top to add crunch to
it. It turned out to be pretty plastic in taste. Not sweet enough for me
also.. adding some honey before eating didn't make it any better. My
boyfriend thought it tasted like rubber. It was worse when cold. 

My mom bakes the most amazing Banana Walnut Bread. Unfortunately, it isn't
very LF, so I limit myself to a small slice whenever she bakes it. 

Karen Lim