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Various Questions

>> 2.	Nutritional Yeast......    Maybe I was expecting something different 
	or used it wrong
>> but, to my taste buds, it was the most disgusting thing I=92ve run into
>> lately.
It was probably Brewers or Torula yeast you tried.  They are both
technically "nutritional", but not the same as the nutritional yeast you
see in recipes here. 
Many HF store employees will try to tell you it's the same, but don't be
I do pretty well by asking for yeast FLAKES.  I don't think the nasty-tasting 
ones come in that form. Even so, I have to drive 90 miles to get the right

>> 3.	At an out of town Harvest Festival I purchased 3 7 oz. packets of
>> something called =93Original 3-B Mix=94 from a local entrepreneur.  It wa=
>> s a
>> mix of Barley, Bulgur, and Brown rice which cooked up to approximately 2 =

It sounds delicious!  I sometimes make a multi-grain cereal by mixing
barley, cracked wheat or bulghur, rice, steel-cut oats, cracked rye, and
any other grain I can find.  You might try adjusting your proportions until
you get the taste you want.  Any whole grain or wg mixed cereal tends to
use 2 parts water to 1 part cereal/grain.


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