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banana bread and tofu shelf life

I'm quite the lurker here but now i can answer a question and ask one!

I use mori-nu silken tofu to "cut" my dressings along with fatfree cottage
cheese fortified with calcium. We have the most wonderful local creamy
dressings here in Eugene made by Tofu Palace (ranch, feta and creamy
italian)that are already low in fat and by the time i cut it down , i can
really use a lot. I have had no problems keeping these dressings for at
least two weeks if not more. I also use this mix for tuna salad, on top of
baked potatoes and just about anything and everything.

Another suggestion for substitute milk for cereal. It's really just a runny
smoothy! I put silken tofu, a banana, some peaches, or blackberries or
strawberries or whatever fruit, some tofu "creme-it" from Dixie's ,a little
maple syrup and some water in a blender. Mix it up and add water to desired
consistency. I use this for three days or so with my morning cereal. My
cereal is a mix of All Bran, Swiss muesli, some other boxed nutritious
brand(I change this whenever i feel like it), dried cranberries. Oh, how i
love this breakfast. Sometimes I sprinkle oat bran or wheat germ or wheat
bran over it too. Oh- and also flax seeds ground finely. As you can see i
like to get all i can in one sitting!

???- I have made the recent banana bread recipe twice and each time it
comes out pretty gloppy with big holes in it. What could I be doing wrong?
Do i need more flour. maybe my bananas are bigger than usual? everyone
seems to love it so much but i can't get it to come out well.