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tofu and stevia

I wanted to mix tofu in one of my home-made salad dressings to thicken
it a bit  but the container says to use it within 2 days of opening the
package.  My question being will the tofu spoil if used in the dressing
that is usually used over a 2 week period?

I went to buy stevia in my health market over the weekend.  It is sold
loose so I tried a bit with one of the salespeople.  She got an upset
stomach but I didn't  It is extremely sweet and I because I didn't have
any nutritional info on it I didn't buy it.  We tried looking in a few
nurtitional books for its nutritional content but couldn't find anything
other than its used as a sweetner.  Does anyone have any facts?  I know
you would only need a fraction of it in recipes because it is so sweet.
Does it have the same effect as sugar in the blood?