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Amount of sage in Tuscan White Beans

I just received a question about the amount of sage in the white bean
recipe. I wasn't specific enough and Frances mailed me back to tell me
that too much sage is toxic so I went back to the book and found that
the recipe called for a handful of fresh sage leaves or 2Tbsp dried.
Here's the corrected recipe.

Thanks Frances

       Tuscan White Beans (with sage amount correction)

       Modified from "The New Vegetarian Epicure"
       by Anna Thomas.

       These beans are very versatile. They can be:
	     pureed for soup
	     served warm or room temp. as an appetizer
	     put on a salad 
		 (arugula + balsamic + beans + black pepper = yummmmm)
	     added to a pasta dish (maybe with some roasted red pepper?)
	     used in place of canned white beans in many recipes

      Tuscan White Beans

      1 lb small white beans, soaked at least 8 hours
      peeled cloves from a whole head of garlic
      handful fresh whole sage leaves or 2 Tbsp dried whole-leaf
	      sage (save a few fresh leaves for garnish)
	      I used about 10 large leaves or 2 sprigs
      1 piece kombu (I used a piece that was about 5"x5" 
		    when stretched out)
      1 or 2 tsp salt

      If garlic cloves have any sign of green sprouts, slice in half 
	 and remove the sprout.
      Put beans, garlic, sage in pot.
      Add water to cover by about an inch.
      Bring to a boil.
      Add kombu.
      Cover pot.
      Lower heat to small light
      Stir gently only a few times while cooking. If you stir 
	   too much you will end up with mush. Let cook
	   until beans start to get soft. This could take 
	   a few hours. Add water if it all cooks away.
      When beans are a bit soft, add the salt and let cook 
	   till beans are soft but still holding their shape.

      All parts are edible but you may want to remove the sage leaves
      if you are going to puree the beans for a soup. You can add new
      leaves which will look a bit nicer.