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Vital wheat gluten/Seitan

I didn't get the original question, but vital wheat gluten is usually
used as a bread ingredient.  Yes, it is possible to make seitan, but
it make for a pretty expensive seitan.

Despite what I said last year about not enjoying making seitan, I've
changed my mind and now make a seitan "roast" at least once a week.

There are many ways of making seitan, however being the lazy kind of
cook I am, I like to do things as easily, quickly, as I can and still
have a LOT of flavor and darned little fat.

Sometime this week I will post an easy way to create "scratch" seitan
from whole wheat flour.

One caveat.  I had a "mini-stroke" several days ago and I'm going in
for a scan which could result in my having to undergo surgery.  Since
I'm already a stroke survivor, I take TIAs seriously.