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FF: Information request

Hiya, all.  Hope you have been very well.  I have been having a rough
time...you might remember that 2 months ago I reported that my doc told me
to loose weight or else....well, while he had me there an a captive
audience, so to speak, he performed a certain exam that resulted in a
cervical cancer scare.  Right when I was dealing with that, I learned that
my Medi_Cal had been cancelled as a result of some beaurocratic whatsis.  I
no sooner find out that I do not have cervical cancer, start the process to
get Medi-Cal reinstated, then I come down with pneumonia ( my 6th case in 5
yrs, doc wants to know if I am going for a record... like I laughed, I
glared at him balefully)

SO I have been running scared, run around and run down and as a result I
accidently deleted some information that one of you sent me.  It was
information about the book : THE SINGLE VEGAN.  Since this book is
apparently not available in the bookstores, one of you have sent me some
mail order info. Could you please send that to me again?  TIA

I again want to thank you who recommended the Black & Devker steamer.  I
survived pneumonia with a diet of brown rice, easy to prepare in the
steamer and easy to eat.  Of course, I ate other stuff but that was my
staple.  Thanks again. I love that little steamer.

Gloriamarie, writing to you from San Diego, celebrating the Return of
Perfect Weather.  Come and enjoy it with me!!

 The trouble with life is, you're half way through it before you realize
it's a "do it yourself" thing.