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Food for kids

Barbara wrote:
> I am looking for some good sources of recipes for children - in 
> cakes and cookies - that have moderate amounts of sugar and fat and are
> generally more nutritious than what I have seen.  Maybe some fruity 
> with no refined sugar?  Vegan dessert recipes?  Some of the recipes I use
> for desserts from this list have more sugar than I would like for a 
> Any book or website recommendations?  I just made a traditional SAD 
> cake, and the ingredients were frightening!!!

I have a book called "Secrets of Fatfree Baking", can't remember the author 
but it has some really nice cakes and cookies in it. I make the carrot cake 
regularly and it is always a hit with my 2-year-old (and my DH, I might 
add). There are also some
terrific chocolate zucchini muffins, originally posted by Aiko, which I'm 
sure you can find in the archives. If you can't, let
me know and I'll send it to you. They use refined sugar, and the book uses 
egg whites, but you can substitute maple syrup
(or honey if your veganism isn't that strict) or even apple sauce.

Another favourite, although not FF and certainly not vegan, book I use a 
lot is Rose Eliot's "Vegetarian Mother & Baby Book". I'm sure you could 
adapt some of the recipes there.

Be well, Hadass

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