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I was raised on dairy products, cheese, milk, cream----heck, I was born in
Norway and that's all they eat!  I thought I could never give up cheese and
milk.  But Dr. McDougall has a chart in his new "FQuick and Easy" cookbook
showing world-wide incidence of osteoporosis, in relation with calcium
intake (pg. 89) and Norway is at the absolute top of the list.  Then look at
pg 84--Incidence of osteoporosis related to intake of Animal
protein----Norway is at the absolute top again!   Then, my 41-yr-old
brother----who jogs everyday and eats "healthy"----rolled over in bed and
broke a rib!!  Testing shows that he has off-the-scale osteoporosis.
I, on the other hand, have been trying to McDougall since 1983.  I have
several of additional risk factors for Osteop. being rheumatoid arthritis,
past steroid use, basically sedentary . . . my bone density scan shows
"significant osteopenia" in my neck, but only a  moderate amount of bone
loss from my hip.  By all rights, I should be the one with the serious case
of osteop.
My grandmother still lives in Norway, she's 94, and she shrinks in every
picture I see.   Last year she fell and broke her hip-----and every other
bone on that side of her body.  She is in such pain that she wants to die
This story has been a help in resisting dairy for me.  I agree with you that
fatfree dairy is horrendous.  I would rather do without cheese at all.  I
use light jam on bagels, hummus with ww pita, don't miss the cheese from
sandwiches, etc.    My husband relies heavily on using Butter Buds or Molly
McButter on vegetables and warm bread.  Mustand on sandwiches, or vinegar
sprinkled on veggie sub sandwiches, and I've got to say I can live without
the dairy.
Good luck!!   Nina from Norway