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Questions for Michele


Thanks for the kitchen gadget ideas. They were all great, but I'm 
wondering where to find the silicone sheets and the thin flexible cutting 
boards. Do you have a Bay Area resource for these (I'm in San Jose)?

I don't know if I have a favorite kitchen tool, but I know I couldn't 
live without:

- rubber spatula
- wooden spoons
- big strainer/collander

I also find useful a hand-held Braun mixer. It's the tall cyclinder made 
for whipping up milkshakes and such. I use it to puree potatoes (right in 
the pot) to use as a soup thickener, whipping egg replacers, and many 
other things.

I definitely agree about the large measuring cup - mine is only a four 
oz, which is good, but bigger would be better.


Julie in San Jose