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Losing weight

Congratulations to Michele B. for losing 35 lbs! What a fine
accomplishment. Michele is not yet vegetarian, but is trying
to start the McDougal program. 

My suggestion to her is that she should try to switch over
to vegetarian as soon as possible. My reason is that any
kind of meat has such a high concentration of calories
as fat (even though one cannot "see" it) that it is
almost impossible to lose weight and keep it off--if
you still eat meat. Some "deli" meats have the fat
removed, but they are very high in sodium and still
have no fiber. Some fish is high in calories, especially
as served in restaurants. Restaurant meals are usually
as disaster for any dietary attempt to lose weight. 

It's the math of fat. Meat has a high percentage of
its content as fat. Even if you remove the skin of
chicken there is still a lot of fat there. Also, there
is no fiber in meat.

Most vegetarians are about 10-12 lbs lighter than
meat eaters. But even vegetarians need to be aware of
the excess fat in cheeses and nuts. I believe low
fat tofu (even though it is not strictly allowed by
McDougal) is the choice for Michele. Try Soy Deli and
low fat Mori Nu, which is great in recipes. McDougal
is very strict, but I do believe it is a great diet
for losing weight. However, one will get highly 
alienated from your friends doing this diet.

I don't want to discourage Michele in ANY way
however, but just be aware of this fact. Restaurants
and other group activities that involve eating with
your old friends will be just about out. They will
stop calling you. But we here on FF Internet are
PROUD of you and we wish you well! 

We want to offer you every encouragement!! In the
long run it is far better for your health, even
if you don't have as many friends. I think it is
better for your marriage, which is also
a wonderful goal. You might start by going to
low fat cooking classes usually arranged 
through health food store newspapers--to get
some new friends to substitute for the old
ones who leave you. 

Mike Rosenblatt