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Thanksgiving recipe ideas

We are invited to San Jose to our Daughter and Son-in-law for
Thanksgiving. Drew and Amy are excellent cooks and know the
FF life-style. I think now that this holiday is approaching,
it would be nice to see a string of Thanksgiving recipes
posted here--some "unusual" ideas that would still give
ups veggies a "holiday" feeling.

I'm sure I could make a FF stuffing recipe. Typically
veggies serve a kind of loaf with a veggie gravy on it
during Thanksgiving. There are a lot of loaf recipes
available, but many use nuts, which as we all know,
have a lot of fat.

Hain FF veggie gravy is very tasty, reasonably low in sodium
and is entirely vegan.

Pumpkin pie fulfills a holiday atmosphere also, and can
be made very low fat and vegan. I still don't know how
to make an acceptable FF pie crust. I have tried many
things, but they rarely work out.

Well, fellow (American) holiday revelers--speak up!
(For Aussies and Canadians, please accept my apologies).

Lets hear some Thanksgiving recipe ideas.

Mike Rosenblatt