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Wide Mouth Thermos

Brenda mentioned a wide mouth thermos that keeps food warm until 6pm!
Brenda, PLEASE whisper which brand of thermos you use! I bought one last
year and my hubby's soup, which was steaming hot in the morning, was
cool by lunchtime so I took it back to the store. They gladly exchanged
it for another name brand, but it didn't work any better (I did do the 5
minute hot water beforehand with both). I didn't bother taking 
the second one back to the store, (too embarrassed to go back twice.
Stupid, huh?).

I would love to find a thermos that really works. Both my son and hubby
take their lunch everyday and a thermos would really allow me to add a
variety of healthy, fatfree goodies to their lunch menu. 

And speaking of new lunch ideas, Karen, I'm looking forward to you
sharing your new book when it arrives, Beyond Peanut Butter and Jelly! 

Also, to whoever posted the Fruit Chewies recipe, thank you! What a
great, healthy dessert to add to the lunch boxes. I don't even mind if
my son has one before breaky or sneaks one before lunch! My husband
didn't think he liked dates, but has changed his 
mind after tasting the Fruit Chewies. 

And a great big THANK YOU to all of you who spend so much time posting
all the fabulous recipes and tips. You guys are the greatest! 

Northern California