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Cooking dried beans

Some hints I learned while cooking dried beans:

(1)  Try to soak overnight or 12 hours.  The quick soak works but not as
well as an overnight soak.  The skins will be softer with the overnight soak.

(2)  Once the beans are heated, do not add cold liquids to the pot.  When I
do a quick soak, I rinse the beans with hot water from the tap; then start
the beans with water heated to boiling in the tea kettle.  If the broth or
juices evaporate during cooking, add hot water or some heated (boiled)
liquid in the recipe.

This works for Great Northern beans, large Forkhook limas, garbanzo beans,
navy beans, and kidney beans.  And others, too.

Good eating, Lois!   Yes, Cats Rule; Dogs Drool!