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Romancing the (pizza) stone

Kellie bought a pizza stone and would love to love it.  I loved mine (past 
tense as in the ex has it now) and found there were good things to remember:
Use your pizza stone when it is hot.  So, preheat the oven and the stone for 
about fifteen minutes at your desired baking temperature before sliding the 
pizza on to it.   I had a pizza paddle that allowed me to make the pizza 
directly on the paddle and slid it onto the stone.  I baked most pizzas for 
about fifteen minutes at 400 degrees and had no trouble with sticking.  One 
suggestion to avoid sticking is to put cornmeal on the bottom of the pizza 
When to not use the stone:  I once made the mistake of leaving the stone in the 
oven while baking a cake.  The cake took three hours to bake.  The stone 
absorbed most of the heat.  
Lastly, in the wintertime, after you use the stone, leave the oven door open 
(if you don't have a toddler or a big dog) for an hour or so to get the benefit 
of the slowly releasing heat.