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Re: how do I use my pizza stone?

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997, Kellie. P. Walton wrote:

> If anybody has ANY experience using a pizza stone, I'd love to know:
> - recommended oven temperature
> - recommended cooking times
> - how to keep the dough from sticking to the stone 

Pizza stone rules:
1) never use soap to wash your pizza stone.  I do rinse mine occasionally 
with water, but never soap.
2) Preheat your stone--this is really the whole advantage of the stone.

General directions:

Preheat oven (with stone on lowest baking rack) to 450 or 500.  Preheat 
15 min to 30 min if time (it works better if the stone is truly hot).

Sprinkle cornmeal (to prevent sticking) on a pizza peel (wooden paddle) 
or cookie sheet (with no edges).  Put your dough on the peel and then 
decorate as desired.  Shake the peel a few times to make sure the dough 
isn't sticking to the peel.
Now open the oven door and slide the pizza onto the hot stone (this takes 
a little practice).  Your pizza should only take about 10 minutes.  When 
it's done, slide it back onto the peel, slice and eat!

Pizza stones are GREAT!  I like having pizza parties where everyone gets 
to put their favorite toppings on a 1/4 of a pizza.  Since it cooks so 
quickly, it's convenient to make.

Good luck!

Susan Lehman