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I Spray, Therefore I'm Drunk?

Rosemary, the alcohol evaporates on the way out of the spray head.  Your
SO has no concerns whatsoever there.  However I beleive that Weight
Watchers uses no alcohol and I've found a brand that doesn't even use a
propellant (much nicer to the ozone layer).

It does contain grain alcohol, however.  It is made by Creative Products
Inc. of Rossville, IL 60963.  I found it in a Whole Foods store under
the name "Naturally."

The alcohol is included to keep the spray head clean and open.  If it
wasn't there it would tend to clump, requiring an occassional cleaning.

As I mentioned above, the alcohol goes "poof" on its way to the pan.  I
hardly ever use any "cooking spray" as it is 100% fat.  It's not a LOT
of fat, but it will leave a sticky residue on true non-stick pans,
ruining them for true non-stick cooking.

Beverly Kurtin