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Not bad (seitan)

Well...it's gone!  The seitan I made from scratch last night came out
looking like an overdone boiled brisket, so I mixed up some ketchup and
liquid smoke to make a BBQ sauce for it, and served it with some pintos
and rice.

Only my sister said, "It tastes like seita."  Then she tried some of the
sauce.  She cleaned her plate.

I don't think that Dr. McDougall would have approved of it on his MWL
program, but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.

If I was in a hurry I still go might for the stuff in a box, but frankly
I'm retired!  It kept me busy for a little while and I was really
tickled to see the strands of protein sticking together without sticking
to my hands.

Will I ever make seitan from scratch again?  That's not even a
question.  Just call me that "little old seitan maker from Texas."

Beverly Kurtin