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Holly, try drying the things and grinding them into what we call "Texas

Just hang them so that the pointed end hangs down and wait until they
turn a bright red.  We use a needle and string through the stem to
string them together.  Then hang them in a cool, dry place, like an air
conditioning closet or some place like that.

We're even drying some infamouse jabeneros.  My eyes burn just looking
at one of those firepots from across the room <G>.

Once you've got 'em nice and dry, grind them in a spice mill (a cheap
coffee mill does the trick just nicely) and pour the powder into a large

Be VERY careful not a allow any of the dust to get in your eyes!

We use "Gunpowder" to give a kick to chili, pintos, you name it, we use
it.  But know that the blasted stuff "blossoms," and gets hotter, so you
can't just mix some in, taste it for heat and think that's it.  Wait 15
minutes or so before trying to taste.

If you want more, THEN add it.  Otherwise be happy with amount of heat

Yeeeeeeehah! (or should that be whooie!)

Sweat breaking out on my forehead...

Bev Kurtin