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Roasted Tomato Sauce Tips

For Judy and those interested:

I made this sauce in a 9x13 cake pan and used very ripe and
juicy tomatoes.  I think the lower sides
of say, a jelly roll pan would be fine but harder to keep
stirred and "in the pan".  This is a fabulous
recipe and after following Virginia's directions, after
four hours, it did turn into a marmelade kind of
product.  It makes a wonderful bread spread with a bowl of

I think it would take a lot more stirring and watching at
higher temps since  tomatoes and onions
tend to burn easily. It would seem to me that Romas or
anyother meatier tomato would cook up
faster than the juicier "Big Boys" that I used.  But
whatever you use, it is worth your time.  I have
only used this on toasted bread, not tried it on pasta or
anything else.  If Virginia is reading this,
I wonder about freezing it.  Seems like it would freeze
fine but would be fun to know for sure.

Jo in Minnesota