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How to get Digest #197

It seems like my part-time mission in life is to help fellow FF-ers retrieve
missing digests - which is okay with me. I'm glad to help.  It also seems 
that #197 from yesterday, Sept. 1st, didn't arrive in all of our mailboxes,
some of you are going to get a chance to practice!!

If you are missing digest #197, here's how to get it:
Send an e-mail to:	fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx
  (Note: notice that is fatfree-REQUEST@xxxxxxxxxxx)
In the subject line, put:	archive
In the message section, put:	get volume97/197
Send the message
Within moments, you will have digest #197 in your mailbox.  
Save these instructions.  If you ever want another digest, just change
197 to whatever number digest you want.  And in 1998, change get volume97
to get volume98 and in 1999, change it to get volume99, etc....

I hope this helps!

Natalie in cooling down Milwaukee.  Bummer.......