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Today I made delicious spaguetti, and I wanted to share the recipe with

I put water to boil for the spaguetti, and while it boiled in a frying
pan I put some apple juice (remember I fry in apple juice).  I added 2
large chopped (in big pieces) onions and later on garlic.  When this was
nicely done I added small chunks of carrots and squash.  I only allowed
the carrots and squash to get hot, not to cook.  This on top of the
spaguetti was great.
And to the side a salad made of chunks  of tomatoes with lime juice and
Mrs. Dash.
Dessert, the carrot brownies.
In total a great meal.

Jenka Keizer-Guevara                    The University of Alabama
jguevara@xxxxxxxxxxx                    Instructional Technology
http://ua1vm.ua.edu/~jkeizer3/          Doctoral Candidate