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Home made seitan

Susan, I'd rather deliberabely get run over by an 18-wheeler than ever
try making homemade seitan again.

Arrowhead Mills has a perfectly wondeful Quick Mix product on the
shelves that does the job wonderfully.

It's a lot cheaper, too, than trying to make it from scratch.

Unless the person wanting the recipe (rather the technique) is a
masochist or just wants to claim that they've done it once, just have
them pick up the Quick Mix.

The process involves using whole wheat and water, allowing the starch
and bran to rise to the top of the bowl and discarding it.

Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat . . .until all that's left is a glob of wheat

I did it: once.

It cost about three times the cost of a box of Quick Mix and came out
exactly the same.

'Nuff said?

Bev Kurtin