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McDougall and weight loss

Chris is delighted that she lost 5 lbs. We are too. That's
a fine accomplishment! She had complained about the inability
to stay on the MWL diet, which as we all know, is quite strict.

However, I don't know how fast she lost this weight. Most
people who want to lose weight want to lose it quickly. I
don't blame them, I've been there myself. But it isn't
necessarily a good idea. 

Losing about a pound a week is an excellent rate of
weight loss. That will allow you to get to your
"reasonable" set weight. Remember, that's 52 lbs
a year! Patience is the key. Your body needs to
lose slowly so that you can maintain it without
feeling as though your starving, which is not

This is not off topic, because the VLF vegetarian
diet will allow you to get to your normal set 
weight when combined with almost daily exercise. 
It should be automatic and not require much real
effort to manage your food. That's the beauty of
the McDougal diet...but I don't think it is 
necessary to stay on MWL diet...but to shift over
to the maintenance program after your goals have
been reached. 

Remember, most VLF vegetarians are 10-12 lbs lighter
than SAD eaters, through no particular effort on
their part at all. Ornish has proven this. 

Mike Rosenblatt