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never had THIS problem before!

Well, I never in my life had this problem before. I don't think I'm
consuming ENOUGH calories! 

The problem is that I'm trying to follow McDougall MWL, and when I do I feel
full on and enjoy what I'm eating, but I don't think I'm eating enough on
this plan.  I have a piece of fruit for breakfast, a baked potato and
steamed veggies for lunch, a piece of fruit for a snack, rice or a baked
potato for dinner with steamed veggies and sometimes some beans (vegetarian
refried or something like black beans and salsa). By my calculations this is
checking in around 900 - 1000 calories, which is too low. I'm trying to
target 1200 daily calories for healthy weight loss (I'm a 5'7" female
weighing about 145 lbs). 

Any suggestions for adjustments? I'm not particularly hungry, but I can
ALWAYS eat :-)   I need to find something else that is good, easy (I'm on
the go a lot), etc. that fits with the McD plan. 

Thanks in advance for any ideas, like I said I have never experienced this
particular problem before!!!