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yummy cheeseless pizza idea

Hi all...

This seems a little weird in theory but it's GOOD!

Over the weekend I had a yummy pizza at Bertucci's (a pizza chain here in
Boston, don't know where else). 

It was a pizza topped with sliced portabello mushrooms that were marinated
in (from what I could tell by taste and by asking the waitress) soy sauce,
balsamic vinegar, ginger, and sage (and maybe some garlic). Some of the
marinade seemed to be poured on top too. The pizza was baked in a brick oven
and then before serving was topped with some greens (that salad stuff that
looks a little like the weeds that grow in your driveway, forgive my
ignorance regarding the name! :-)

It was great. It had a decidedly asian flavor that made you completely
forget the idea of having sauce or cheese on the pizza. I suspect that
Bertucci's used some oil in the marinade so I can't vouch for it's lf value
in the restaurant, but I'm going to try it at home, totally ff. 

Hope somebody else enjoys this as much as I did...