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MWLP made a "believer" out of me

I started the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss program on Sept 1.  The first week was easy,
although I cheated with some dairy products in my cold cereal and coffee.  The second 
week was harder- I hadn't lost any weight and my motivation was flagging and so I 
cheated even more, with an occasional tortilla or slice of bread and goodies in the evening.

However, I stepped on the scale this week and noticed I've lost 5 pounds anyways!
Boy was I pumped- now my motivation is jump started again.

I've never been able to stay on any "diet" more than a couple of days because I was
so hungry, and limiting my portions only made me feel deprived.  Now I'm never hungry
for long, and knowing I can eat as much as I want somehow results in my eating less.
(Funny how the mind works! :-)  )

Plus, it helps that my favorite comfort foods are allowed: mashed potatoes, beans 
and rice, oatmeal.  And my garden is still producing so I have lots of raw veggies.

- here's hoping to lose another 10 pounds!