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help for a hungry Deb

I wondered if you could help me.....

I have been put on a very restricted cleansing diet for the next 3 weeks. 
  I thought that someone on this list might have a recipe or two that I 
can use, as I am ONLY allowed the following:

leeks, beans & peas (dried and fresh), lentils, celery, shallots, swede, 
cabbage, lettuce, brussel sprouts and parsley, rice, buckwheat, sago and 
arrowroot. I can have a small amount of kelp and light flavoured herbs - 
no mint

No salt, pepper, spices, chilli, lemon juice, tomato, onions, soya sauce, 
prepared stuff, vinegar etc and not even a spray of oil.

Thanks heaps for any help!! :)



Deb Kerry