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Another Kitchen Gadget

I love this list. Sigh. Reading the posts about eating in France makes me 
want to hop on a plane.

Anyway, I forgot about a handy little lemon juicer I love until others 
started talking about theirs. I picked mine up as a giveaway from Sunkist 
 during a promo at the restaurant in Neiman Marcus a while ago. Since 
then I've found them for sale at Crate and Barrel and a few other places.

The juicer turns your fresh lemon into one of those plastic lemon 
dispensers. It's basically a spigot that screws into the lemon. It's 
shaped like a spigot with a plastic flip-top. One end has the flip-top 
and the other has a serrated edge. I roll the lemon on the counter to 
loosen the juice, then screw the gadget into the end of the lemon. To 
use, you just flip the top up and pour. Close the top, toss into the 
fridge, and you can use it again until the juice is gone.

Julie in San Jose