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Potatoes/Dietwatch/McDougalls/Nutritional Yeast

Here's another quick breakfast recipe along the same lines as the ones
posted last time:
	Take 2 potatoes and microwave until tender.  While the potatoes are
cooking, dice a small onion and cook with a small amount of cooking
spray in a frying pan until translucent.  Cut up potatoes into cubes and
add to frying pan.  Season with basil and curry powder to taste.  

This only takes about 10 minutes and is great tasting!  My family loves

I also have a Macintosh and have not been able to find a good
diet/nutrition log anywhere.  Diet watch appears to be for Windows and
the sight is always busy so I haven't been able to download to see if it
would work on my Macintosh.  Any suggestions from anyone??

I also have a question about brewer's yeast vs. nutritional yeast.  I
saw a suggestion on here for popcorn that sounded great so I went to the
HFS to pick up some nutritional yeast, but much to my dismay I had to
leave without it.  They had 2 bins in the bulk section - one said
nutritional yeast flakes and the other said nutritional yeast and in
parenthesis said brewer's yeast.  I smelled it but since I didn't know
really what I was looking for I just wasn't sure.  It didn't stink but
it didn't smell great either.  I thought I read somewhere on here that
nutritional yeast is not supposed to sit in sunlight so I was really
unsure about getting it.  Is there some other sign to look for to make
sure you have the right stuff?  Color, texture, etc.? 

 I am really new to all this vegetarian stuff and am in the process of
changing my eating habits so please forgive me if I seem naive.  I
purchased the McDougall Program for MWL and, after reading in here about
yeast, I looked and he still refers to brewer's yeast and nutritional
yeast as the same thing.  I'm afraid that makes me leary about the
validity of his information. I am surprised that someone who has been
writing books and working with people to lose weight and eat healthy for
some 20 years wouldn't know that.    I don't mean to be a pessemist
(spelling??) but I am really new to this and a little uncertain about
where to start and trying to get all the information I can.  I have
gained quite a bit of weight since I met my husband (100 pounds to be
exact in 6 years, the last 50 lbs came during my last pregnancy and I
didn't lose a pound even though I gave birth to a 9lb 8oz baby) and I
finally decided, since it had been 2 1/2 years since I gave birth, that
it was time to do something about it.  I was really tired of being so
overweight.  So the beginning of June I began watching what I ate a lot
and got the advice of a doctor about how to do this and the biggest
thing I watched was my fat intake.  Since the beginning of June I have
lost 35 lbs.  I don't like to say I am dieting as I want to make changes
for a lifetime which is why I am trying to get all the info I can.  I am
not completely vegetarian, but working in that direction so any help
anyone can give me would be appreciated.

Thanks!  Michele