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Lumpy mashed potatoes

Actually, I like my mashed potatoes with lots of substance ("lumpy", for you whipped aficionados). I love lots of potato taste and that's the way my Mom always made them (although she seasoned them with butter and milk).

I just boil up a batch of russets, with or without skins, with just enough water to cover.  I also like to add some instant broth crystals. Cook until they are just barely tender when pierced with a fork, then drain the cooking liquid into a container. I then coarsely mash them so they have plenty of texture, then add just enough of the potato cooking water to smooth them out a bit and make them moist while still retaining a hearty texture. I season them with lots of pepper and garlic powder, and sometimes add a little nutritional yeast.

I usually serve them with mushroom gravy, which I make using more of the potato water as the broth.

>>And just to show how ignorant I am, who's got a good recipe for mashed
potatoes? I  can't find one in any of my cookbooks. Maybe I should go to
Betty Crocker or something . . . . Shawn Lovley

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